Been busy with the office politics and writing my rebuttal to my review. We'll see where this gets me( to the door probably). The thing I've been really mad about tho is that during my review I saw a letter from the CEO saying how he had poured over these reviews ( yea, trying to make us look bad) and if anyone thought it unfair that they should know that upon review it would be less! The absolute gall! Maybe the reason he is so fat and puffed up is because his balls are so big they wrapped themselves around him. No one should think himself so powerful. Bastard.


zapon said...

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Patry Francis said...

same office bullshit everywhere, believe me. And speaking of b.s., how did this zapon dude get in here?

rdl said...

I know how did this zapon bs get one here? does he search websites for disgruntled employees? didn't see how i could delete it, tho now i see collapse comments but then i lose you too. oh well.

Robin said...

That is a very good description of our darling CEO. He is a moron....that's all I have to say!!