I don't think many people read this but that's okay cause I think I am really writing if for my self anyway. I'm a sporadic journal writer from way back. What do people do with those things. My friend got divorced becasue of one. She said the priest she spoke to about her husbands said, " Why do they write in those things!" Tho she writes in one now, tho she doesn't have to worry about anyone reading it i guess. I sometime wonder if my husband has read mine and if so why he hasnt' left me yet ( but that's another topic).
I actually was thinking that I hadn't written in here in awhile when I was moving some summer clothes from the extra bedroom/computer room/den - this is the smallest room in the house and the most popular. Has TV/PS2/computer so we are all usually vying for it - yes we are a 1 computer family. I want my own Laptop for the kitchen - someday. Seems I've gotten off the track here again, what a surprise.
OH yea, so I was moving the clothes, when I noticed that everything is black(of course), white, denim or khaki. What does this mean? that I'm a Gap dresser? So they are back on the Futon behind me - they almost made it to the closet. I was going to try and explain what i've been up to ( why i haven'posted in 3 days , now 5 but it would be all excuses anyway so let's just skip it and leave it at I'm sporadic at best. 1) occurring at irregular intervals; having no pattern or order. That sounds like me.


Patry Francis said...

You might be wearing gap, but you're still a hippie chick at heart.