deli number


Funny thing happened the other day when I was waiting in the deli line. It was fairly busy but when i checked my number it didn't seem like I had enough time to do the supermarket sweep routine(you know sprint to the other end of the store for toilet paper and cat food). So I decided to wait patiently(which is unusual for me). As I was standing their waiting I had an out of body experience of sorts; suddenly I was in my garden figuring out where to put some plants. When I remember andlooked up to the counter above I saw that the number was on the number past my number; my number had been called! I stood there kinda sputtering for a moment: uh uh my my number with number in hand held high. The woman who had taken my place with her number was appologizing even tho it was clearly my mistake and I told her it was. So I don't know what is better the sprint to the TP aisle for the aerobic value & time mangement or smelling the imaginary roses.


Patry Francis said...

You might be wearin gap, but you're a hippie in Indian garb at heart.