A.D.D. style of


Okay I'm not sure if I have this (ADD) but it seems according to everyone, that i might as everyone seems to have it now. If I don't than at the very least I have ADD style of housecleaning (and yardwork) and blogging possibly. Like today for instance, really just worked in the yard; this is my usual excuse for not doing the housework. The bathrooms are dirty but it's more important to pull weeds, or mulch. But then how come at the end of the day nothing looks like it was done?
I pour a cup of coffee and go online check email, make a few calls I need to make and head outdoors. I pull a few weeds, then go to find the wheelbarrel (where'd I leave it?) I spend more time looking for my garden tools than actually using them. As for the housework, I think I have that figured out too. I like sweeping it seems. The floors are swept everyday, sometimes a couple time a day (you saw the pics of the cute dog and cat), but rarely are they mopped. And dusting that is almost never done in my house. I think that I discovered that once it is visible it doesn't matter if it is a 1/4 inch or an inch thick, it's all the same. I know I just spoke of this on my last post but I actually just found this saved draft - see what I mean. Oh and last but not least I most definitely have the ADD thing going for paperwork - that is a complete and utter mess. And I have 3 desks, tho this is the only one that I actually sit at. Well this is all I can muster without a cup of coffee. Headin downstairs - at least I know why.