It is always amazing to me at the end of the day, how little I have gotten done. How a whole day has passed and hardly nothing has transpired. There is the laundry, there is the dust, the floors unwashed. But on a positive note, not that anybody noticed, so i have to mention it.... drumroll please... I have posted for 7 days straight! This is a minor miracle, I don't know if i have every done anything 7 days in a row; other than water my plants and feed my kid. Haven't practiced piano 7 days in a row since I was a kid. Certainly haven't ever exercised 7 days in a row. So having broke my record my D&G(doom and gloom) prediction is that you will probably see less of me now. Who you are I don't know, since I think Patti is the only one who reads this drivel. There is also the fact that the computer is in a hot room- fan only. So I am retiring to my cool bedroom til this heatwave passes and maybe catch up on some of that reading.