Mellow Yellow


I've been living inside one of those Benjamin Moore fan decks for the past week . I think I have looked at every shade of yellow known to man. Yellow is not one of my favorite colors but I thought that's what color I should do in the new sun/family room. I am really more a grey, taupe, tan girl finding them soothing; tho recently I have branched and done some green/blues. I had almost settled on Straw yellow when this woman in the paint store decided to help me and invited me to her house to look at some dark tone shades that she used in her house. We talked colors as she gave me a quick tour of her house, had a few laughs with her teenage kids. Funny but in the few minutes I was with her she felt like someone I could be friends with. I left and went off to buy cat food and mull over the virtues of yellow versus browntones. Now I don't even remember her name; I hope I can remember where she lives so I can drop her a thank you note maybe with a picture of the color I decide on, if I ever do. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.