Not necessarily the news


This Sundays book find at the dump was a poetry book - 100 selected poems ee cummings. I've skimmed up to #46( and only really liked 1) and realized that I am not really a fan of his. Boy he used alot of parenthesis(I know I should talk). There is a nice poetry post today over at The Marvelous Garden . While you are there check out waitress poems in the links.
I was chagrined to find a copy of Dogs of Babel, which I had just paid 5 bucks for. I shoulda waited for it to turn up at the dump, brought by the good book fairy. Well I must resume the search for the perfect color for the new sunroom; looks like I'm turning away from yellow and going for the safe haven tans, this one that i'm considering is called organic rub. I could use one of those.


Patry Francis said...

Thanks for the link, and I like the sound of "organic rub," but yellow is so--well, sunny. Maybe you should break out of your tan mode.

rdl said...

You would think yellow being sunny would appeal to my Leonine nature but the Virgo won again with the Earth tones.It's more of a brown with this cool finish called suede.And it goes better with the old furniture. Woulda done yellow if I had some blue stuff going. Insomniac here.