I am seriously thinking of giving up blogging - its seems to be my latest addiction. Better than chocolate and alcohol, but an addiction and time waster none the less; and g-d knows I don't need anymore of those. Also in the summer there is the added yardwork chore, which is a full-time job in itself. And my house is exceeding even my limits of dirtiness. I do have a theory tho that once the dust is thick enough to write your initials in (which it is at my house) it doesn't accumulate or matter anymore - who cares, obviouslyI don't. And then there is the fact that I am too darn lazy for any of it. Throw in a tad of ADD, depression and overwhelmedness ( is that a word- if it's not it should be) and it's amazing anything gets done around here. And did I forgot to mention that we are in yet another remodel phase here. Just had the old sunroom redone with new windows, doors, walls and insulation in the hopes that we can now use this much needed room yearround as a family room. So all the furniture from the sunroom is in the living room so we are all still living out of the 4th bedroom( smallest room in the house) the most popular room - TV, playstation and computer. So we have 4 people vying for the computer, oh yeah and don't forget Jackson our dog had to squeeze his big body in here too. Well i managed to post just because I'm avoiding all the other chores - so maybe I'm not ready to give it up yet. I had intended to put a Gone fishing post up for the summer and retreat back into my handwritten journal cause frankly I think I need to do that too - some things are just too personal to share on the worldwide web. When I walked up the steps to do (? what- I forgot now - middle age amnesia) I saw my 14 yrs old cat Dakota curled up on the bathroom floor and I thought -I wish I could just do that. Well guess I will go figure out what I came up here to do.
Be careful out there.