War of the Worlds


Wow, double wow. Went to see it with Luke Sat nite - my date. (his 2nd time -was better the 1st he said;well of course/he knew what was comin). Preety good flick, really good special effects, tho the monsters reminded me of some things I've seen before either in Alien or Star wars or somewhere. (And yes I was holding Luke's arm through some parts).The young girl was Very good, better thanTom Cruise actually ( if he could only keep his mouth shut offscreen.) I don't know if there was ever a movie I haven't liked him in. From his very 1st underwear clad white sock slide to Raymond. But he always seems so glib to me not smooth, refined, gentlemanly like theCary Grants of yesteryear that's for sure. Well fun is over back to the war of the toilet bowls and sanding woodwork.