I like to sweep(good thing since i have to do it everyday- with all the black lab hair and boy dirt),but i hate to vacuum, that is i hate the vacuum. I hate getting it out, dragging it around behind me, having thinks get stuck in them, their not working, having to get them fixed, changing the bag, putting them back(that is when i do - it's usual out for weeks before i use it sometimes, i might add.

And i hate to dust. spreading all that dust around! and to what end, it'll be back in a couple of days. But I know from where this stems - my mother must've hated to dust, cause that was a chore she had me do alot.

Laundry - not bad. don't mind doing it, but don't like putting it away and folding isn't that great either.

Favorite cleaning expressions:
Round Robin: basically you just keep doing things, are never really done.

Keeping the devil from your door: doing just enough so they don't condemn the place.

As for yardwork, believe it or not i like to weed - mindless satisfying weeding. No big decisions and a sense of accomplishment almost immediately.

So what's yr. favs/hates?


musing said...

I hate anything and everything that has to do with cleaning the house. It takes up time I could be reading or writing or playing on the Internet!

Noelle said...

I hated dusting, but then I got one of those swiffer things that picks it up instead of spreading it around. Very nice. Also, I'm right there with you on the vacuum. It is the most effective of my cleaning products, but the most cumbersome by far. It also scares the cat.

Sky said...

i used to love to iron - immediate reward and such lovely pieces! i remember oxford cloth shirts looking as though they could walk across the floor as i smiled at the success and appeal of my tedious labor! but we don't wear clothes that require ironing anymore, and i actually don't especially miss the work! LOL

from time to time i water a few things in the garden which the irrigation system doesn't always water deeply enough, and i always enjoy the task. usually a bit damp myself when i finish, i often feel like a kid again - happily playing in the water!

Lorna said...

I don't mind cleaning but I also hate vacuuming. The only tolerable way to vacuum is to get someone else to get the beast out and put it away, and while you're hauling it around, you play "Meat Loaf" at maximum volume.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh boy.
I agree with everyone :D
Housecleaning is repetitious and boring and wastes time you could be playing.
If I weren't a cleaning lady ;) I'd hire one!