Thirteen Thursday


I am methodically going through my drafts folder (all 68 and deciding which to pitch) and even tho i didn't finish this one I thought I'd post it anyway - feel free to add/link yr. 13 (cat or dog).

Thirteen things I learned from my dog:

1) He will eat Anything (including cat poop).
2) Don't leave anything out( and that includes on beds or nightstands) that might be remotely edible (including the TV remote, cordless phone,books-expensive library ones.
3) Separation anxiety in dogs is very real ( i will even eat my way out of that expensive cage you bought)
4) If you're cute enof you get to sleep on the bed.
5) He can open doors(French that is)
6) A walk a day is good for you
7) The sun feels good shining down on you on the deck
8) It's fun smelling the air, especially with your head hanging out of a car window going 50 mi. per hr.
9) catching a ball in your mouth is an art form.
10) eating is a hobby & sport.

(If you click on the pic to enlarge you can see the drool coming out of the sides of his mouth and his beautiful brown King Kong eyes.)

and yes i do know its Wednesday, i probably should've saved this one til tmrr. but then I always was the rule breaker.


Amishlaw said...

#4 - Made me laugh. Let's hope you never grow up.

ipanema said...

lol...#5 only French huh? :)

rdl said...

a-law: that might be my fav. too
ipanema: he's preety smart that he figured out that he can just jump up and hit the handle with his paw to get back in; luckily he's trained to just ring the bells to go out. but if he had a thumb i'm sure he'd open the others.

Lee said...

Loyalty and devotion personified!

I love the back legs!

Noelle said...

I think the drool is why I like to visit other people's dogs, but go home to a cat.

Liquid said...

OH MY GOSH.........How precious is this photo! Lu-Lu would love to romp around with your baby!
Oh, love the eyes and the drool!

rdl said...

lee- yes that is why we have them for sure
noelle- i hear ya, but he only drools like that if you eat in front of him. I had a cat for ?13 yrs. - he died last yr. but he was a slasher and biter but i still do miss him but not the catbox!!
liquid- that would be so fun!