Birthday Blues


Just the Facts:
Births: Madonna, James Taylor
Deaths: Elvis Presly, Babe Ruth

Been thinking about writing a Birthday post all day but now when I finally can sit down to write it, the ideas are all gone, fanished like the day - it's Midnite - time to turn in the shoes.

8:00 - 12:00 Work
12:15 - ultrasound appt. those 10 min while the technician went to talk to the dr. seemed like an hour - i had myself dead & buried 3 times - doing the math- lets' see Mom was 38 when she had me and i was 21 when she died, so she ws 59 and i was 16 when she got it, so she was 55 - My Age!! so is my time up, is this it? I start making deals, just let me live til Luke is out of school....
The Radiologist finally comes back in & tells me its just some cysts - end of story - i beat it out of there fast.
It's a Beautiful Day^^^^^^^^^^^^^(US playing in head).Looking at the beautiful blue sky and thanking G-d for letting me live.
2:20 My wonderful boy hands me his old IPod with 200 songs on it for me and a really nice card. We head to the beach ( my favorite place) but just for 1/2 an hr. cause he has a Football Scrimmage.
4:15 Leave for the scrimmage, get lost, but get there in time.
7:15 Game over
8:30 finally sitting in the restaurant with a glass of wine. Ahhh and delicious food.
9:45 get lost on the way home
10:30 unload diswasher and dryer/fold towels/pour another glass of wine.
11:30 talk to best friend on phone for a 1/2 hr. forget about any coherent post now.


The Curmudgeon said...

I've been on the waiting end,too... so this post was coherent as far as I was concerned... it's an exhale more of an essay, but coherent nevertheless....

rdl said...

curmudgeon- yes, very astute, a definite exhale.

ipanema said...

hope you're well. happy Sunday. :)

Amishlaw said...

Happy birthday. I know how you feel. My father was 54 when he died. As I approached that age, my anxiety increased palpably. (By the way, I have a birthday next week. Leo's are the best.)

Lorna said...

Sometimes the best way to treat birthdays is just like anoter day---except for the IPOD thing. Many happy returns.

musing said...

Good test results, an IPod, a respite at the beach, delicious food, multiple glasses of wine and a nice long conversation.

Sounds like a lovely day. :)

rdl said...

Thanks guys and musing - my son would agree, i do sound like a SRM (spoiled rotten mom).

musing said...

You deserve to be spoiled rotten on your birthday. :)

Liquid said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, I am late rdl, but Happy Birthday......and have a wonderous year!