word lover


I'm a lover of words, is there a word for that? but then I am a lover of music too and art and photography and film. Words like music are fascinating because of the endless possibilities. I don't dabble in art so I don't know about that and in photography I guess there are the endless opportunities,finding the light just right, framing your subject just right and of course taking that picture that tells a thousand words. So there are book lovers, music lovers, art lovers,film lovers, poetry lovers(tho there seems to be more poetry haters from what i read in the blogosphere), blog lovers (from what i hear) and just plain lovers of words.


Patry Francis said...

Those are some good words to love.

Gone Away said...

All art forms are means to communicate but words are rather special because they range from the most conscious (prose) to the most subliminal (hah, good word!), namely, poetry. Words enable precision in meaning that music and painting cannot hope to emulate, yet they have the capacity to affect us at the deep levels aimed at by other art forms when skilfully combined.

Did that make any sense?

rdl said...

Gone away. I think it made sense but I don't know if I agree entirely. I think all art forms are created equal. I agree that words require precision in meaning but I think the deep levels can be reached by music and art equally well, or amazingly well considering the absence of words.
I am very glad you stayed to read more after yestedays rather pathetic post.

Mark said...

A lover of words is a 'logophile', but I think a better word is 'Sesquipedalian' - given to the over use of long words.

Have a nice day,