If books arent' selling as I have heard, how come there is always a line at Borders. What about the price of books? Maybe that has something to do with it. Who can afford them at these prices. I was so excited when i found an old fashioned small version of the Shreve book that i wanted to read on vacation - The Last time they met. Working people books . Sure those bigger versions are nice,but I don't want to marry the book I just want to read it, and i'd rather get two books.


Patry Francis said...

I wonder about the line at Border's too. Sure seems like some people are buying--or are they all buying CDs?

easywriter said...

I haunt the shabby second hand shop at the corner near my house. Suffused in dust filtered light and blessed with greater atmoshphere by cobwebbed corners it's stuffed with tomes both old and new. A delightful place to while away a rainy day and part with pocket change.

rdl said...

Patry, yes you are probably right.
And Easywriter, that sounds more like my cup of tea. I'm certainly not a regular at Borders and usually buying books for my son. I get mine at the local transfer station book shack where they are a great price-free