Ain't gonna work on Maggie's Blog no more


How blog obsessed am I really? I promised myself last night when the clock was ticking towards midnight, and I was still reading posts and comments, that I wasn't going to blog this morning, and here I am even before coffee. I decided to conduct a test of how many times I do come back to this darn computer during the course of my supposed getting things done. It is now 10:25 (an unusually late start for me, but I am sleep deprived and it's my day off.) I've gotten dressed - pulled on some jeans and still wearing sleep t-shirt. I remember I wanted to send off a quick email to friend. Finally to the coffee which I need badly if I'm ever going to get going here. I'm feeling like one of those little kids, in the backseat of a car,whose parents challenge them not to talk for 5 min.

A friend called and I talked on the phone while I drank my coffee. Then I found an excuse to go back online - I discovered a credit card payment due by 1:00 PM today or lots of fees, 0% rate and goes up to g-d knows what; very good excuse to go back on but the computer's running extremely slow and I have to sign up for this online payment - managed to beat the clock and got it done with 20 min. to spare. Checked email, fired off one and now it's time for those damn bathrooms - I'm going in, it's 1:40.

I lied I still haven't done them. Found another overdue bill, so I went back on under the pretext of paying the bill, which I did, but of course I cruised a few blogs/comments. Well I am making myself a promise(year right, I know another one from the world class promise breaker) I will not get back on here until I'm done cleaning. Note- someday I am going to have a cleaning lady, then what will I procrastinate about. Well there is always the paperwork. And I wonder why it never looks like anything got done at the end of the day.


Gone Away said...

Best advice - lie back and enjoy it. Self flagellation over blog addiction achieves nothing and merely gets in the way of the blogging!

rdl said...

Gone away:
Thanks for the advice, i agree. After I posted it I thought well that was not very good. But I guess I am not sorry that I did after all because at least I posted or wrote. Cause at these stage of my blogging I am full of self doubt and have to fight with the demons as Natalie Goldberg says in Writing Down the Bones.