Bedroom Eyes II


I just figured out how to work site meter. I'm wondering if anybody else does this? click on all the visit info on the people that have visited your site. Its interesting to see where they're from and how they found you. The most popular way thus far of locating my blog it seems is from a search engine of bedroom eyes, which brings up the blog post(May19th) of a poem I wrote many years ago. I'm sure they are disappointed when they find it; i can only imagine what they were looking or hoping for. Interesting marketing tool tho; if i were trying to attract a larger readership I could just make sure all the titles either had a body part or something erotic in the title. Hmmm... well not to disappoint I included this picture - the best I could come up with.


Patry Francis said...

Actually, she kind of looks like she has a headache to me.

rdl said...

You're right, she doesn't look happy; not exactly bedroon eyes. I couldn't find them so i just used this.