Poison Ivy


Remember that song? guess I'm dating myself now. It was kinda catchy (sorry I really didn't mean that as a pun). My poison ivy is not going away;looks like 3rd degree burns with those blister bubbles. Started steroids 3 days ago and it still looks like the poison ivy is winning. I was told the steroids can make you loopy, and i said,"what loopier?". Then i started worrying about my state of mind which already is not good these days; i didn't know if loopy would be a good to add to the mix. But i think steroids just act like caffeine . It's time for me to get a dose of both. Just wondering if anyone out there ever burst the blister/bubbles before I try it.


dog1net said...

Ouch! Poison Ivy is one experience I've somehow managed to avoid throughout my life, but I know plenty who haven't, including my son. For him it was just a miserable experience, and he had only had a few small splotches. Wish you well. Thanks for reading my recent post and for your enthusiastic response. It has given me the opportunity to visit yours, which, I might add, presents itself very well. I shall make return visits.

rdl said...

Scot,Thanks for the well wishes,it's actually starting to wan. And thanks for the positive feedback.

ME Strauss said...

I thought I'd stop by and see what you're about. Poison Ivy, yes I remember the song. Never had the stuff though. Eewww.

I like the way you think.