Giving up blogging


Giving up blogging til i get the weeding done, the checkbook balanced, the bills paid/paperwork done,the school and activities schedules figured out, the bathrooms cleaned, and everything else i've forgotten or avoided. This was a saved draft of reasons to stop; but now i have a new one to add. Unless i am writing this for myself, no one reads this drivel except a couple of old friends and a couple of cyber friends and then those occasional search engine people looking for bedroom eyes.

Blogging is just the newest and greatest form of time wasting for me because you can say you need it for your underfed creative soul or to work on your chops and to hell with the dirty bathrooms.


Diana said...

I hear ya'. But clean the bathrroms and THEN blog. There's room for both!

Thanks for your comment on my site. :)

Seeking Clarity

Patry Francis said...

The more you say you're quitting, the more you blog. So keep saying it!

rdl said...

jI know you're right. That's what Natalie Goldberg says in Writing down the bones...write when you write.