Deep purple


Discovered the other nite that my 11 yr. old son and i have another song in common, smoke on water by Deep purple. If you don't know it, you would if i hummed a few bars. It's scary that we have the same taste in music. From rap to reggae and back to the oldies. Today he asked me if he could borrow my Police CD. But then I do remember watchin, what the heck was that show with the bubble machine? Lawrence Welk with my mother, remember the polkas. Ok i realize I just made myself ancient history. But then I did see the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. I saw Bruce Springsteen in a small theatre right after his 1st album, Greetings from Asbury Park. And I saw Bonnie Raitt in a small club in NYC before her first album came out, she opened for John Lee Hooker. Boom Boom Boom Boom. Oh yeah and I saw The Who and BB King at the Filmore East. I would've loved to see the Stones this summer if tickets weren't the price of a car payment.


Patry Francis said...

So how about the Dylan special, now that we're on the topic of music? I was loving every minute of it.

Melly said...

Lucky you! I'm so jealous.

I was kind of lucky in a way too. I'm a grunge era child and at the time lived in Vancouver, just north of Seatle and many of the later famous grunge bands I saw in clubs and pubs.

To see the bands before they grow up too much, while they're still enthusiastic is great.

Lucky you. Did I say that already?

rdl said...

Patry, saw some of the Dylan special. Hated seeing him(and Joan Baez)old cause you know what that means,but loved seeing them young. And Melly yes I guess i was lucky to grow up in an era of music greats but unfortunately that makes me a dinosaur.