keep on bloggin


To the tune of Truckin by the Grateful Dead
like the doodah man
i keep bloggin
got keep bloggin along
well i'm back by popular demand. Joke. Ok i gotta admit, when i am ready to quit is when no one has been by to check in, check me out, whatever. But give me a couple of visitors and I'm ready for round 4. Except when i come across a really exceptional blog: you know the ones with thousands of hits,loads of comments and brillant words, then i am ready to do the ostrich thing again. Well lets just call this baby bloggin, ya know, baby steps, just one step, one word at a time.
got a keep bloggin along.


Patry Francis said...

Love the Doodah man. In fact, may even be related to him.

dog1net said...

"Blogging like the doodah man." Oh, I like that, and funny, too. Don't be discouraged in your blog. Like me, it took awhile to figure out where my focus was going to be. Once you decide that, stick to it and don't waiver. Your audience will find you. Thanks for stopping by on my blog, and for commenting. Appreciate your readership. . .

Melly said...

Hey rdl. Boy, am I glad you're going to continue blogging :)

Marewheeee said...

Can't stop singin'........
Bloggin'like the doodah man
Dusting while I make my plan
Just workin'
doin' all I can
Just keep bloggin' Rohohoneeeeeeee

rdl said...

Marewheee, so nice to see you here!! and i went looking for not really a cleaning lady.