Watching the Dylan special was great except for seeing how old he looks. I liked the clips of him when he was young better. The thing I really liked was what Liam Clancy said to him one nite in a bar after about 100 pints of Guiness. "Never forget Bob, no fear, no envy, no meaness."


Gone Away said...

I haven't seen a picture of the young Bob Dylan for years. You are so right - he looked better in those days (well, I suppose that applies to us all really...). Thanks for that.

But you picked the right post to start me off on your blog - any friend of Bob's is a friend of mine. I'll read further as soon as I can find some time!

Melly said...

Wow, he looks so good here.

There was a Dylan special on?

rdl said...

Gone away, thank for the visit, but remember i am just a baby blogger in rarified company. And Melly, girlfrind, always glad to see you; but you must forget the pop(people magazine culture) and watch PBS to catch Bob. Had a little wine tonite, so dont mind me.