3 Strikes you're out


Is what ran thru my mind right before it happened.(Always thinking of the next post). And once again it happened so fast I had not time to plan. That thought was the only thing that crossed my mind in the 3-4 seconds before he struck again, sending his teeth with such force into the forearm of my good arm that I cried out in pain and shock.
This wasn't a scratch or even a bite that you could just shrug off to he's just a being a cat, treating me like a cat. But a preemptive attack with intent to harm, main. He bit down with such force that I felt it to the bones. All I can compare it to is when they get a mouse in their teeth and come down hard and shake them within inches of death. When he finally released my arm from his vise like grip he scampered off downstairs. My husband got up and sleepily asked "what he bit you?" In between cries and sobs, I said 'yes", "put him in the basement". A few minutes later he came back upstairs and when I asked if he was in the basement he just said, "he's downstairs somewhere". At which I said again in between sobs, "please put ;him in the basement"(freedom was not good enof for this traitor). When he came back up now I was sobbing not because of the pain and trauma of what had occurred but because of the thoughts now running thru my head, I said, "what am I going to do? Put him to sleep?
To which he replied - "keep him downstairs" but there are no doors downstairs to keep him from getting up, no kitchen door to lock him in and he would cry and howl like he does .
I had just got up from a sound drug induced sleep - pain and sleep meds) to feed him, then he came crying again and I lifted him up to the bed ( not good for the bad arm!) I was petting him to get him to settle down and go to sleep. I guess that's not what he had in mind.
So what do I do:
A) Put him up for adoption ( who's gonna want a 15 yr. old psycho cat)
B) Banish him to the basement every nite and hope he doesn't howl.
c) Put him to sleep. ( out of his misery and save me from possible losing an eye next time)

So here is my 1st survey, not the one that I had planned. If you vote A please include yr. address and if B) please send ear plugs and if you think C) is cruel and abusive please don't tell me.
I guess I will call the vet shrink tomorrow-for him and me.

And I bet you thought this was going to be a baseball post here from Red Sox country , where we are reeling with the news of our Johnny Damon becoming a dreaded Yankee. Yesterday morning I heard a "Oh no "from downstair when the boy read the headlines. I think Johnny is going to lose some of his sex appeal when he goes clean cut. And I wonder what exactly is the difference between 40 and 50 million? A couple more yachts, planes or automobiles i guess.


MB said...

Oh, I don't envy you this decision.

Mary said...

Whatever you decide, don't give yourself a hard time. There are no easy answers here, and you can only do the best you can. Don't ask more of yourself than that.

tom said...

Damon...a big mistake...going from big fish to little fish.....he will be just another guy with the Yanks...and they still won't win...too bad greed ruins so many of these players.......

dog1net said...

Not an easy situation to deal with, I'm sure, and not knowing what's best either for you or the cat makes it even harder to come to any decision. Its behavior does seem unusual, at least I would consider it so if my cat where to suddenly chomp down on me like that. My cat likes to play fight. He'll attack my feet, and grab my hand with its paws, but he's always real gentle about it. No bites or scratches, so I would be surprised if one day he decided I was a piece of meat. With your cat, considering his peculiar behavior, I don't think adoption would be good. The cat will probably continue with the same behavior toward the new owner. Other than that you're faced with a tough choice. I wish you well.

rdl said...

Thanks for the support guys. I see no one really want to case a vote, neither do I. I don't think I am capable of putting him down but I worry that he will hurt my son or someone else; so for now he's banished to the downstairs, have blocadded the stairs, we'll see how that works.