Sign, sign, every where a sign


I wrote this on Wed. 2 days after my a strange thing post. This was supposed to be a sequel; but I've become an obsessed shopper ( i hate xmas - there i've said it) I can go months without shopping, wear the same rags, I mean jeans and don't care. and I'm also in that lazy draft phase - a thought/idea presents - I jot it down, sometimes almost finish it and log off, on to the next one or blog hopping.

Ok now something happened again today, not like the other day, this was different.
Today I called in this nice 30 0r 40 something woman, a massage specialist, who, in the course of the exam, told me you have to take care of yourself,treat yourself good. She says she has pedicures and massages regularly; she says do whatever makes you feel good, happy, treat yr. kids better.
Then we got on the subject of marraige, marraige counseling and also depression and medicine for depression.
So by the end of the exam i have her card with the name of a book and the marraige counselor's name and phone number. And they think I'm working behind that closed door . These are the patients that make it worth while.
(Lest you think this happens all the time, it doesn't. Actually some of the timeI am the one giving advice/help.)
So who's sending me all these signs? Dad, mom, someone else up there? trying to help me out.
whomever/whatever it is , I'll take all the help I can get. I do need to resolve all the conflict in my life, one way or another.


Mary said...

I have learned to pay great attention when these kind of things happen. I definitely don't think it is random!

Glad I found your blog - and thanks for visiting over at my place. I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

You're such an amazingly perceptive and sensitive person. I probably wouldn't have even noticed the signs... to my detriment probably :)

rdl said...

Mary, thanks for stopping by and Melly, always a pleasure. Thanks for the comliment; tho I don't know how perceptive I am; I usally have to be hit on the head a couple of times.