As in potato, not the guy in Taxi. Well I surprised myself tonite and pulled off making potato latkes( I've only done this once or twice and not in several years). I wasn't sure how they would turn out til we all tried them and it was unanimous - they were pretty good. The only think was I didn't have any sour cream for them - big disappointment for me but my son uses applesauce and my mother-in-law, well she just puts ranch dressing on everything, since we never have any "gravy". I even made a pot roast( in the oven) that didn't taste like shoe leather and even remembered to make a green vegetable, tho I almost burnt it but I discovered in time that there was no water in the pot (my mother in law was helping).
Another thing that is good to remember is to put the fan on to suck up the grease.


Mary said...

Potato latkes. Yum!

Marewheeee said...

Never had 'em. You'll have to make us some, sometime ;)

melly said...

Two more candles to go :)

Sounds like you pulled off a really nice dinner.