A strange thing


happened today at work. I picked up two charts and looked at them both - husband & wife; I picked the wife. I looked at the date to calculate her age to write in her chart and saw she was 65, but when she sat down I saw that she didn't look like any 65 yr. old I'd seen lately. I started asking medical questions: "take any medications?" her reply, "No"; any medical problems? she proudly replied, "No , I'm fine". She had longish blonde moderately curly hair and wore these cool jeans with studs and just generally had this very youthful appearance. So when i asked her "you're 65?" , she said "yes, I was wondering when you were going to ask, everyone always does." So then I asked her what her secret was? she said none, but when I pressed her and even asked about cosmetic surgery - which she said no. She just said that she took good care of herself. Ate good, used good creams and shampoo. Then I shut the lights off and started the eye exam; in the middle of it she said, "you have a stressful aura around you". "Wow", I said, you can see that? is it a color?" but then she said, "we better not talk about it"; I'm assuming she was afraid she was gonna wind up with the wrong glass presecription. evidently she doesn't know I can do this in my sleep. Later she asked me if I pray? I said, no. and then she asked if I was an Agnostic, and I said I wouldn't go that far and explained that I was Jewish but that growing up my family didn't practice anything but that my son went to Sunday school. She said something like, "You'll find your way". When we were walking out of the room I told her that I had had both hers and her husbands chart in my hand and I picked hers and said " I guess for a reason". And she smiled, put her arm around me and hugged me and said "Yes".


FTS said...

I believe there are no accidents, that there is a reason certain people cross our paths. She may have just been the one who was supposed to plant a seed. ;)

Melly said...

Wow, what a story my friend.
These things can be somewhat disconcerting, but probably do happen for a reason.
When I come across "witchy" people, it always takes me off balance. And yet, those witchy people also give me some comfort and relief.
How did you take it?

Patry Francis said...

Great story. I want to hear more about this woman! Maybe she'll come back...

Marewheeee said...

no accidents y'know :D

rdl said...

FTS: I almost put something about coincidence in there but then i didn't. I think the seed was already there, maybe she provided some water for it to grow, hopefully.
Melly: I loved it.
Patry: Thanks and maybe she will. I left out she had this cool accent.
Marewhee: :D
Tho thinking about this after/knowing How stressed I am - you must be able to see that light with sunglasses on.

MB said...

I like what Melly said about it because that's the way I feel sometimes. Great story.