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Why do I blog? Because I like to, almost need to. Because this is my creative outlet? along with playing piano and photography. I'm not a writer but I love to write. I've always been a book lover. I've written poetry for over 30 yrs, does that make me a poet?
Or do i blog for friendship? I have plenty of friends; tho ones that I hardly ever see, that we never seem to have time for, hardly even for phone calls for months, years. And these are lifelong really good friends, this can't be. Life is definitely what happens while you are making other plans. Then there are the new friends: work friends, friends made thru the kids- that you talk to either on a daily or wkly basis; but even these, some of them I just talk to on the phone. When was the last time we went to lunch or dinner? or even just had tea and a heart to heart. So does the blogosphere provide more of this rarefied time, experience, interests that we find missing, that we all need, crave? can we really count these friends or are they just acquaintances, nice people; more than strangers you meet standing in line, but less than real friends with familiar faces and history ,but cyber friends indeed.
I'd just like to thank all of you for hanging out with me, I've loved every minute.

Drafts on the subject:
From My blog (written on Oct. 23)

It's like my room, my place to go, to retreat, reflect, create and even rant if need be. A room of my own, a room with a view. And then there are all the new blogfriends, kinda reminds me of having penpals.

From Hangin on the blog corner (written Oct.30)
Seems all I want to do is hang out in the blogosphere these days. As my 11 yr. old reminds me all the time...I need to get a life. And what does that say about all us bloggers? are we social beings because we like recognition in the form of a comment? or are we recluses hiding behind our computer screens.
It does seem like a crowd, gang, community. Almost wish you could just pull up a blogstool and chew the fat.


tom said...

This blogging IS fun and interesting, but it sure can't be allowed to take over your to step away once in awhile and see what happens...spoken by a guy who only has just begun...
still...neat to see all the varied people and the places they hail from.

Marewheeee said...

It's fun and I enjoy cruising the blog links from rdl's site. Can take up a lot of time though.
Think of how much time we have to spend doing stuff we don't like, like sitting in traffic jams, among other fruitless waits.
I don't think you need to hit a blogaholics anonymous meeting just yet.

FTS said...

It's all about balance. Some days we need to write more than others. Who can explain it. As long as it's fun and fulfilling, I'll keep doing it.

Nice post. :)

finnegan said...

It's all the above and...curiously more. What exactly that "more" is all about is what keeps it rolling. Perhaps it's the long ago joy of writing our first diary which has not only been rekindled, but even amped up and on steriods?

dog1net said...

That "blogging" has created an interesting and sometimes fascinating way to "hang-out" with people is one of the reasons that motivated me to get going with one. I enjoy coming by to see what you've been up to, and I am always appreciative when you take the time to stop by my way. Here's to another wonderful year. . .

rdl said...

I guess we are all in agreement on this one, it's just plain fun and more. Finnegan, I love that diary on steroids. Scot, always nice stopping by yr.way and I'll return the toast.. to another wonderful year.

kate said...

I have been thinking about the same thing. So sometimes I find myself a recluse.
Anyhow I sometimes leave it all, and do something else or meet with other people as refreshment.
Still we have to be balanced.
Wish you a great year!

Melly said...

The ones I call friends are those who stood by me when I needed them and aren't necessarily people with similar interests as mine.

In the blogsphere I find these people, the ones with similar interests. That's why it's fun and interesting and I love it. The blogs I visit are wonderful and of course I love my visitors. But...

I make a point that blogging comes lower in my list of priorities after things such as family, friends, work, 'physical' fun.

Mary said...

Ooh good question! Definitely a creative outlet. As a relatively new blogger I can't believe how much I am enjoying writing again. Such a pleasure!

It is difficult sometime to keep a balance I find - and yes, physical life should always take priortity - but it has been lovely "meeting" people in cyberspace whose path I probably would never have had the chance to cross otherwise. I met two fellow bloggers in real life not too long ago, and that's strange - nice, but strange. Two worlds collide!