This was written on Fri. the day of the storm; I'm a little behind due to the the power failure and laziness of course. I love how the telephone pole in the picture looks like a cross.

Checking out at the hairdresser's today, it was raining and snowing and hailing and we heard thunder and saw lightening. Very eerie; people were shocked. Someone said, "I've never seen this before", and the big guy behind the desk said," I did, in 1974 at my Grandmother's funeral", and she predicted it. She always said that it would rain, snow, hail, thunder and lightening when she died and it did.

I had forgotten my phone, left it charging on the kitchen counter. Nice day to forget yr. phone. I call the kid from there to make sure he made it in the house ok and off I drive into the storm.
Driving home the roads all snowy and slushy, wind blowing like crazy, white-out conditions. Future post going thru my head and again I'm wishin I had one of those mini tape recorders. Maybe I'll ask for one for X-mas; but I've already asked for a car starter.

When I get home the kid meets me at the door with his earphones on and informs me that the power is out. I cook dinner in the dark, by candlelight and we play cards til we are bored and cold and go to bed about 10.

Life in New England; you gotta love it!


FTS said...

Cell phones: never leave home without them. ;)

Is that a picture of the storm? Yikes!

Mary said...

I feel naked without my cell phone even in the best of weather. Hope conditions are improving.

And that is such a good photo!

Patry Francis said...

We still have power lines downa nd huge trees on the road. That was definitely a freaky one.

Marewheeee said...

That was a real sleeper of a storm. I almost drove up to Dedham to work which I'd blown off the day before on a day perfect for commuting. At 7 when I got up it was snowing and piling up quickly. Those small but dense flakes that seem like nothing but mount up quickly. I called my customer and told her I'd be there tomorrow since they were away for the weekend. Good choice.
The snow began to turn to rain and it rained heavily for a while. No biggie I was thinking, shoulda gone up there and gotten it over with. But, I was staining the windows which I've been putting off so I felt productive. About 2PM the wind howled and the snow flew hard. Thunder and lightning crashing,the skylight blew open. Whoa. 2:45 the power went off (due to a transformer fire probably set off by the lightening) I later learned. I sat around for a couple of hours reading until it was dark and I'd reached my limit for waiting for electricity and went out to eat with my hubby :D
Came home at 7:30 after calling the house and waiting for the machine to pick up confirming
that the power was on.
Nice picture rdl

dog1net said...

Guess we're going to be in for another one tomorrow. Great photo.