shopping fool


Well, you might be seeing less of me as christmas rears, no that is not a typo for nears but I did in fact mean rears, as in rears it's ugly head. I am scrooge when it comes to xmas, the american materialistic holiday, but then guilt gets in the way and I succumb to it like someone under hypnosis... must get The best present, at The best price. So I read thru the flyers and do my research and make my endless lists -(but not for long, i've already bought my present - a Palm pilot!)
So if you don't see me around it's because I'm out at the mall with all the other idiots. But of course now that I've said that I'll probably post something every day. Go figure. I guess I have to use reverse psychology on myself.


Patry Francis said...

Great cartoon!

MB said...

I like that cartoon, too!

FTS said...

Oooh, the mall. Careful... it's war out there. ;)

Melly said...

I soooo hear you. I really don't like this consumerism, commercialism and materialism either.

But, like you, I'll have to do some shopping. Haven't started yet, mind you.

dog1net said...

Nice play on "rears." When it comes to Christmas spending, I find it's one thing I like to put behind me. Loved the cartoon.