Feel my best


Staring at this screen, typing on these keys. Writing a post or reading a post. Commenting on someone's blog or reading one of mine. Of course I still have my doubts about why I am even doing this, for what purpose. But then the guy on the other shoulder pipes in,"Does everything have to have a purpose, can't you just enjoy it, get on with it." To which the 1st guy chimes in sarcastically,"yea, there is a purpose, a purpose on to heaven". Well i've been struggling with that one for many years so wasting/spending a little time on here shouldn't matter at all.


Melly said...

You echo my thoughts exactly.
But sometimes it's fun wasting time, and fun is a purpose in itself, don't you think?

BTW, if you still need that html help, you can email me.

rdl said...

"fun is a purpose in itself" Yes Melly I have to remind myself of that sometimes. And thanks for the offer, I will take you up on it.