Adventures with Luke


Last Saturday was a bad day for yard sales in New England;it was rainy and dreary. They've become like a tradition with us and since the season is just about over we went anyway. Nothing was found or bought but a good day for an adventure.
When we got to one yard sale there was a man in wheelchair struggling to get up the long drive. I asked him if I could help and he said yes, so I pushed him up the drive to the garage. I glanced at Luke ,taking up the rear and taking it all in, and I thought: Lessons learned not taught.
Next stop to get pumpkins. We do spend alot of time laughing at each other,especially in the car when I'm dancing to rap music. Luke thinks I'm a riot or idiot, I'm not sure. He complained that I have kidnapped him and I tell him " Yup I have". 1 for Mom.


Patry Francis said...

Like your new look!