Flights of fancy


Recently I read a post about not liking to vacation. Well I hate to pack and have even had nightmares about it: missing planes, trying to pack all this stuff(like boxes and boxes of books/shoes,etc.- but maybe that's the moving dream I have mixed up here). And I also always forget things in the dreams and real life. Usually hair products/make up in the dreams. This trip we got about a mile or two when I remembered what I'd forgotten and yelled, "I forgot my "jewelry"; we turned back and I got it and of course I grabbed a couple other things while I made my mad dash through the house. We don't always turn back tho; like when we are 1/2 way to Logan airport in Boston and I remember that I forgot my sunglasses - just buy a cheap pair when you get there.

I've also noticed that I have turned into a hypochondriac when I go away; packing bandaids, eye drops, ibuprofen, old Rx's just in case my back goes out.
But usually when I get there I'm enthralled and ready to move. Anyplace seems better than home with the mundane,problems and all.


Patry Francis said...

Yeah, I do the hypochondriac thing, too--as if I'm going into the wilderness where there will be no access to CVS.

Anonymous said...

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