LBD (Little black dress)


The wedding was nice, if you like weddings. I don't particularly and I don't know when this changed because I think I used to. I vaguely remember crying at them and smiling at the loving couple.
The dinner the night before was delicious and fun ; the restaurant overlooked the city - loved all the lights. Instead of getting my usual white wine I decided I wanted a festive cocktail; so after a little thought I came up with an Apple Martini. The waiter came back and informed me that they weren't making "martini's". I just said "Oh, well I saw someone drinking a Margarita?", at which he said," Do you want one of those?" but I didn't and I couldn't come up with anything else quickly so I just said "I'll have a chardonnay". Well much to my surprise the cute little waiter ( my new best friend) came back with the "Apple Martini". I think it was the best drink I've ever had. I only had the one and switched to red wine to go with the Filet Mignon. Unfortunately I found Apple Martini's and red wine don't go well, shoulda stuck with my usual white.

The best part of the wedding was the dancing and watching my 11 yr. old son learn some pretty wild dance moves from his crazy uncle. As for the LBD, I did find one that I fell in love with but the sticker shock prevented me from purchasing it. After much searching I found a real beauty on the sale rack and even found an incredible pair of shoes at payless that matched to a tee. The dress was this chocolate brown with tasteful beading and sequins and an equally tasteful sheer neckline and plunging back. Since brown seems to be the hot color right now I was so impressed that I was actually in style. The only problem was when I got to the wedding I saw that chocolate brown was the color that the bridesmaids were wearing. My stepdaughter joked that I looked like the mother of the bride in that dress but the mother of the bride had a completely different outfit of course. When I was in the ladies room, someone that I had met complimented me on the dress and then actually asked me if I color coordinated with the wedding. I wanted to scream, " are you completely insane?" If I had known I never woulda bought the sale dress but the cute LBD.
The best part of the trip was seeing my old friend even if just in between dinners and wedding. The 12 hr. ride home I could've done without. I never did get to explore 'my' new IBook; Luke was watching movies on it. Lots of people this weekend raved about the movie "Wedding Crashers", I will have to rent it now that the wedding trip is over.


FTS said...

I bet you looked great, and would have in the LBD, too.

I just read a few of your posts. I love driving on trips now. I find flying to be such a hassle. The annoyance of long lines, searches, and hateful people aside, the two hours they want us to arrive ahead of time coupled with the hour-long wait for baggage (plus the actual flight time) constitutes half of the drive anyway.

I've driven twelve hours from Dallas to Gulf Shores twice in the last year, and fifteen hours to Denver two months ago. I thoroughly enjoyed my time alone to think and see the scenery that I'd missed by flying all of these years. I chatted on my cell when I needed someone to talk to, but mostly just relaxed.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanks for coming by. Don't know how you found me, but I'm glad you did. I'll be back. :)

dog1net said...

LBD is a great effort. Your effective use of detail really puts me in the scene, especially when you're at the restaurant . Your sense of being disappointed twice, once when you couldn't afford the LBD, and again when you discovered that the color of the dress you did buy turned out to be the same color that was being worn at the wedding. Enjoyed . . .

rdl said...

dog1net, I really appreciate the encouragement. Thanks!