Spilt wine


Saturday I started the day off with my 11 yr. old son telling me " no eating upstairs" ( my mantra), I said ok and he took the plastic bowl of roasted soybeans (which we don't even like, but better than eating chips) downstairs; well almost, he spilled them all over the stairs. We both cleaned them up,the dog did too( he liked them ).
I ended the day spilling my wine all over the desk while I was trying desperately to figure out why I couldn't get online(I'm not addicted). After plugging and unplugging everything it seems to be up and running, altho on refection I should have just shutdown, sat down( with the wine and my book) and called it a day. Moral of the story: Don't cry over spilt soybeans but you can over spilt wine.


Melly said...

Oh no...
Wine all over the desk.
Soybeans all over the stairs.
That must have been a day.

Patry Francis said...

I'm laughing now, which I needed to do. Thanks & talk soon.

Melly's comment looks like a poem.

rdl said...
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rdl said...

I am so glad I made you laugh. One of my missions in life. and you are rite, Melly's comment does look like a poem