Terrible tuesday


It is so cold in my house that I haven't taken my coat off and I've been home for over an hour. Raw, cold, gloomy weather we are having. Ya gotta love New England, or why else would you live here? I say that all the time, I don't know why we live here? And I don't know the answer other than maybe you were born here and have relatives here. The winters are long and cold and the summers short, hot and humid. Spring & Fall rainy. I don't know if I am going to post all week like this but it reminds me of what we say in our family about child developement: The terrible twos, the horrible threes followed by the fearsome fours. When they hit five ( the age of reason) they start Kindegarten and start learning something about The Rules and the consequences. I think I need to get outside, uh-oh I already have cabin fever and it's not even Halloween.


Patry Francis said...

Oh my god, I wrote about the same thing.

FTS said...

I LOVE winter. I look so forward to it all year as I endure the intensity of nine month-long summers. Dallas is hotter than... well, you know where.

rdl said...

Patry: two peas!
and fts I think we should trade places!

melly said...

I hear you.
Toronto is nearly as cold as New England, maybe colder but we don't get as much snow (I think).
I always ask the same question - why oh why did people decide to build a city there in the first place???

kate said...

You can't help it, you live where you live as a matter of habit, as we all do. We have the choice to move out but only few do it.