Just for fun!


I wasn't actually tagged on this one,I found it on FTS blog inviting anyone who wants to play. I volunteered because I like to play and this one was easy and well I guess I already have cabin fever and I don't have anything else ready to post, if the truth be known. So anyone else who wants to play, please do.

Fill in the blank:

Feeling _____ (stressed.)

Listening to _____ (Rock & Roll - Dave Matthews and Sarah Macclaughlin

Am currently working on _____ (my blog, what else.)

Spent last night _____ (surfing blogs.)

Had breakfast of _____ (coffee and bagel.)

Missing _____ (my dad.)

Thinking of _____ (too much.)

Would love to _____ (be on an Island.)

Planning to _____ (keep on truckin.)

Wanting to _____ (be on an Island.)

Favourite time of the day is _____ (evening/quiet)

Really hate _____ ( prejudiced people)

Always wanted to play _____ (piano better or bass)

Dreaming of an _____ (island.)

Would love to French kiss _____ (don't know)

A dream come true is when _____ (I look out my window and see the ocean.)


FTS said...

That's some good music you're listening to :)