On the road


ok did i actually read that Jack Kerouac book? or am i thinking of Wllie Nelson's singing "on the road again". ok all you book aficionados: who wrote "Been down so long looks like up to me"? (answer at the end of post) i'll give you time to think or google.

Leaving tomorrow on a road trip to Pittsburgh til Sun. Should take about 12 hrs. I don't know which I hate more long road trips or flying.Going to a family wedding(not my family) and bringing the kids (g-d help me). But at the end of the rainbow there is a good friend waiting. Happens that one of my very dear old (have to be careful bout using that word now - but i mean we go way back) friends lives there and have wanted to visit her for ages so now i will; in between the dinners and wedding. So I am going to plug in that laptop that has been gathering dust and maybe get used to it on the road.

Wish i could write it upside down.. but... it's Richard Farina. I wonder how many actually knew that.


Patry Francis said...

Want to see the pix of you all glammed up for the wedding on next week's post!

dog1net said...

Great photo to caption your post with. There is nothing quite like a long road trip to help us put things in perspective. A little change in scenery can be wonderous thing in itself. Enjoy your adventure.

melly said...

Nope, I didn't get that.

I hope you're having fun on the road trip - weren't you supposed to be back by now?

How was it?

rdl said...

3 of my favorite blog people, wow! nice homecoming. Patry, no pic unfortunately, dog1net, change in scenery was a very good thing and the perspective thing i'm still workin on, and Melly I am back but was too tired to post yesterday.