American Idol


The show you love to hate or hate to love? It's dumb, it's moronic, but it's funny; my favorite of course is Simon- so mean and sharp-tongued.I started watching it with Luke last year,at the end of the year before actually.But sitting on the couch with him reminds me of when I was a kid and watched The Ed Sullivan Show with my parents on Sunday nights. I won't tell you how many times I voted for Bo. So anyway that's what I'll be doing tonite I'm afraid to say.


FTS said...

I sat mesmerized, too. 'Cept I was watching Lost

DesLily said...

Ed Sullivan? Wow, thought I was the only one who remembered him!.. do you remember Senior Wences? He had a puppet made from his hand named Johnny and a "head in a box" puppet.. lol