Why is it that sometimes it just rolls off the page like butter and then other times it feels like homework? Is it a state of mind? i guess - sometimes its a NewYork state of mind (exciting, an adventure) and sometimes its Hoboken(used to be a pitty kind of place in NJ, tho i hear now its nice).

And even tho it is something that I enjoy doing, sometimes you just have to break down and cook and clean. Today I'm wearing my painter's hat, tho I am not actually painting, just doing the prep work, spackling, sanding and vacumming. Sometimes I'm good at juggling, throw in a load of laundry, help the kid with homework (tho he rarely asks anymore - thank goodness he's smart - cause 6th grade math is beyond my expertise - and i think he's smart enof to realize this), blog a little, make dinner (uh-oh, better get to the store - no food!)

I had intended to get to one of those drafts, I guess i did but I might get a "C" for ? incomplete. The dog just dove under the computer and the kids telling me something about someone in sports on TV. How can I get any homework done!
Hope you all are having a great weekend!


FTS said...

Never a dull moment. LOL

carol said...

Thanks for dropping by via F.T.S. I am greatful to his featuring me this week.I love to get new visitors, so come back again, I wil for sure.Cheers,

DesLily said...

They say if you need something done give it to a busy person.. the problem with that busy person is that most of the time, there's no time left for yourself. The game plan is to force some time for yourself..even if it's only 1/2 hr of quiet time. then write down what you plan to do for yourself and make it happen.

life goes by and you wake up old.. everyone really does need to stop and smell those roses.


rdl said...

deslily, good advice, i will try and take it.