Seasonal Adjusment Disorder(for those of you not familiar with this - it's real - it's been studied) this is what I think I'm suffering from, among other things. This happens every winter it seems, cold and dark don't agree with me. I just noticed that I haven't posted since sat.(except for my call for help for the new name.) I have seen some signs of it around the blogosphere as well. It evidently also explains my cravings for sweets and carbs - mmm pasta and hot fudge.You can read more about it here, in case you think i made it up. Think Spring!


Patry Francis said...

I read today that January 23rd is officially the saddest day of the years, so it's getting better from here on in.

Mary said...

I'm sure it has an effect ..... how much I don't know, but cold and dark certainly don't help.