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Came downstairs this morning to make coffee and breakfast for the kid and there on the front page of The Boston Globe (on the top half - not bottom!) is this article about bloggers!
Headline: Website wants to unite bloggers smaller headline under that:
Mass. startup to pay writers (ok now they have my attention).

Now is when I wish I had a scanner, this would be so much easier than typing this whole thing. Well, light dawns on Marblehead, I'll hyperlink to it( so maybe i don't need a scanner). So you can read it for yourself right here

I've gone to the website but haven't had that much time to explore it; I must say I wasn't very impressed by what I saw. I was impressed with that Headline though.


FTS said...

Sounds like a million dollar bust, to me. I seriously doubt the investors are bloggers, which means they don't get it.

Guess we'll find out, eh?

dog1net said...

An interesting prospect, and an indication of how blogging is slowly being shaped and defined as a viable communicaton medium that may have the potential of producing a way to make a living from it. I'd say it's going to be a few more years before it happens. Thanks for bringing our attention to the article.

Patry Francis said...

I saw that headline in the grocery store. Had to buy the paper immediately. Can't say I really understand, though.

rdl said...

Patry- From the few min. I spent at the site it doesn't look much more than like an Adsense that is on here or even like points you get with your credit card and you know how many you have to get to get anything. will look into it more when i have time.