Life's a ball


Life's a magazine. How much?.. 25 cents.. only got a nickel..that's life.. what's life?... a magaizine. (From when i was a kid growing up in NJ.)

Then there is this quote:
Life's what happens while you're making other plans.

I had all intentions of posting one of those 35 drafts today, but i got involved in a number of things, none of which i've finished, unfortunately. So I still have to find Red Sox/Yankees tickets on Ebay ( which I am new to) if I can figure out how to just finish registering. I am signed up for Paypay so i'll be able to pay for those tickets when I find them. And the worst part of all this is that my 12 yr. old doesn't think I should go to the game; well I can he says if he explains things to me before we go, or I promise not to talk. hmmmmm.

Then there is school vacation,Spring Training and baseball camp. Still have to make plans/find reservations for all that.

Who would've ever believed that my live would revolve around baseball.

Update: Exciting news- I just won my first bid on Ebay - tickets to the LA Dodgers/Redsox Spring Training Game!!!


FTS said...

Baseball? Woo hoo!

Only three more weeks until pitchers and catchers report! :D

Patry Francis said...

Oh my God, is it coming that soon? I thought baseball = spring...

rdl said...

fts: woohoo, we're going to Spring training!!
Patry" yes, ain't it great? good thing bout all this is i had felt like winter's just beginning, now there's an end in site.

tom said...

You broke our hears in St. Louis in 04....but hey, we WILL be back, and since you lost Matt Damons litle brother (and he had to get a haircut anyway, so like Samson, his power is gone), thing don't look too promising for the Beantown Nine this year.
But Yes....Hope springs eternal, and spring brings eternal hope for another year of Cardinal baseball!