Not a Joke


This is why I don't like to watch the news or read the newspaper. I used to only get the Sunday paper but because a telemarketer caught me on a good day and it was a good deal (less than the Sunday only paper) and because my son likes reading the sports page while he eats his cereal, we've been getting it daily. So I've been reading the front page and of course other than that blog news there is only bad news - This poor girls kidnapping, Bin Laden's new threat(which makes me wonder about my upcoming trip) and 2 pictures of kids, one who was beaten to death and one nearly to death (in vegatative coma).
I can't wait to we go back to just getting the paper on Sunday. For 2 reasons, the above and because all that paper (all those trees) and lugging them to the transfer station (dump) to be recycled.
So when I was trying to find a joke to post for Joke friday it just didn't seem right. I can't get that picture of Jill Carroll as a hostage out of my head. I downloaded that picture of her but then found the one of her as the vibrant woman she is. I am praying for her release.


Melly said...

No, not a joke... very sad indeed. I can't begin to imagine what she must be going through.

FTS said...

I don't take the paper anymore. If I did, I'd probably be doing the same thing as your son...