first lines


Got this idea from Musings of a Middle-aged Woman.These are the opening lines on my blog for each month of 2005:

April: This is a work in progress ( my 1st attempt at this).

May: Well, I'm finally back from my little foray into computer hell.

June: Well I had good intentions of writing in here and also turning over my garden but my old back is telling me to just go lie down.

July: I am seriously thinking of giving up blogging - its seems to be my latest addiction.

August: just one more load of laundry..
..fore I die ( sounds like a Bob Dylan song.)

Sept: Well it seems our illustrious President(synonymous with jackass) has proven his total ineffectiveness/uselessness once again.

Oct: Feel my best
Staring at this screen, typing on these keys. Writing a post or reading a post.

Nov: Feel like when I was six and had whooping cough; everyone else was out playing and I wasn't.

Dec: Over at The Glittering Muse my poem is included in The Symphonic Poetry Carnival.


FTS said...

Four months in and you wanted to quit? Glad you didn't. :)

rdl said...

fts: Thanks!

Patry Francis said...

"Just one load of laundry fore I die..." That's my favorite.