Party at my house


When I first moved into this house,5 years ago, the previous owners were bird lovers, so I filled the bird feeders dutifully; I didn't realize it was a full-time job and costing me quite a bit of $$( I was also feeding a pretty fat squirrel.) I was filling them every day it seemed.
I remember coming downstair that first morning (it was the middle of Feb.) and going into the sunroom and seeing my cat and dog watching the bird show - both of them sat mesmerized by it and myself included.
It was so neat and I kept it up for awhile til i got tired of filling those feeders constantly, going out on the snow covered deck, climbing up to reach the feeder and then the expense of buying those huge bags of seed and lugging them home.
Then recently, I don't know why, but I bought some birdseed and then a new feeder, more birdseed. It's really quite amazing and fun watching them. I didn't get a picture of the magnificent cardinal and bluebird, maybe next time.


FTS said...

I used to have a bird feeder and always enjoyed watching them. A word of advice a bird expert gave me: If you start it in the winter keep it up, and always put sosmething with water out near the feeder, be it a birdbath or whatever. Some birds will stay behind in the winter for a source of food and will need water that isn't frozen or dried up.

Pat Kirby said...

I fill my feeders once a day. The hungry little critter clean 'em out in a few hours and then go on their way.

I know some people try to keep their feeders filled all day, but that would take me to the poor house.

The suggestion regarding the water is excellent. It will also bring in interesting birds that don't eat seed.

rdl said...

fts thanks for the advice and pat - I hear you on filling em once a day - that's enof for me too.

Frankie said...

What lovely pictures! I always wanted a bird feeder in my backyard. I love watching them come and go...thanks for the comment on my blog! I AM a pisces so that was extremely perceptive of you :). I'll certainly be back here!

Jean said...

I live in the country . We give to eat to birds, as you , every day .
20 to 30 goes to eat .

Marewheeee said...

Unfortunately, I had to abandon my feeders because I am a "snowbird" and have flown (driven, hind end is still working out the kinks)
to Naples, Florida for the season. We recently installed a 3 pane bow window in our dining room which is on the southern side of the house. Should've done it sooner was the consensus. We put up some feeders and suet. Yes, the squirrel families are alive and fat but the birds have been fabulous to watch. Especially the magnificent Cardinal! I actually sprayed cooking spray onto some of my plastic tube feeders and the quirells can't get a foothold. Make sure to wrap something around the lower part of the feeder so the perches won't get coated. They have a hard enought time on those things as it is.
Sorry birds. Go over to Suzie's, she has feeders.

dog1net said...

Beautiful pictures. Makes me want to go out and get a bird feeder.

rdl said...

doginet: I think you should, yr. cat will love it. They have some that just stick to windows also.