Well we hit 2 bookstores in 2 days. Yesterday we went to Barnes and Noble to return a xmas book. Luke picked out a Red sox book ( what a surprise! - the consumate Red Sox fan.) The last book I bought him for a good report card was "The Idiot" by Johnny Damon, that I just found out today has some inappropriate stuff. Oh well, I can't proofread everything he's gonna read, can I? I suppose I should be more careful. But this coming from someone whose mother let her read Peyton Place ( and if you're as old as me you know that was steamy way back then.) His book selection yesterday was," Now I can die happy" by the ESPN sports guy.

Today we went to Borders, I had a gift card for $20 that I got for opening a charge card. I also had a coupon for 1/2 off the 2nd book. It took me a little longer than him to find one tho. of couse he had 2 sports books picked out in no time and settled on Stephen Kings " Faithful", yep bout the Red Sox . I guess my boy is a little obsessed, guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I had a list of books, some of which i couldn't find. The problem with not buying many books is deciding when you finally do. The one I settled on after going back and forth between fiction, poetry, and writing books was in the religion area with the buddhism books, one called "When things fall apart". Maybe this will be the one.


FTS said...

Oh, how I love the bookstores. If I'm not back in three days... remember me fondly. LOL

Simply Coll said...

I do remember reading Peyton Place as a young teenage girl. How titillating it all was way back then :-).

Thankyou so much for stopping by my blogging home and for your kind words.

Mary said...

Oh yes, Peyton Place!! By Grace Metalious? A TV series starring Dorothy Malone as well? We are obviously of the same vintage, rdl ...

And I agree with you about the difficulty of deciding which book to buy. It's a wonderful difficulty to have in some ways though.

And a big thank you for your kindness and support recently. xx

Marewheeee said...

OK, the mothers in my neighborhood were all within about a 10 years of each other in age. 20's and 30's. I can remember when that book came out, they wouldn't let us read it but we found it when we were babysitting and read it anyway! OMG how tame that is now!

I am overwhelmed by both the library and the book stores. Sacred places to me. My father loved books and reading. A new book would come out and he'd have it before the ink was dry. I take after him in more ways than I thought...when I was younger and I have his eyes.