Horrible patient


If there was ever a horrible patient award, the patient that I had today would get it. In all the years that I have been doing this I do believe that he "takes the cake" or the award. Joan, who is one of the nicest people that I know and who works the front desk came over to us techs, who were standing around yacking, and asked who has Mr.L's chart? at which I looked down at the one in my hand that I was filling out and saw that I did. "Well, good luck", she said "he just came over to the desk and asked " so What's going on?" and he's only been here 10 min. So I called him in and he was nasty from the moment he sat in the chair to the moment he walked back up to the desk to complain about me, but i had already complained about him to the Dr. who know exactly who he was and rolled his eyes. Later I was told by the Dr's assistant that when 'sthe guy started in about not liking that technician, Dr. S just cut him off with, "well you never like any of them". Nice to see that the customer is not always right, especially when they are rude and obnoxious. Days like this that data entry or one of those little cubicles are looking pretty good.

*Note, hey when i went in to edits to find this old draft i realized what it was about the number 300 and posts. The display is of 50 post and you can change it to previous 100 or 300. Then what?? plus anyone know how come on a Mac i can't change the font??or edit html or compose?? Get my PC back tmrrw.!!


Amishlaw said...

Next time he gives you a hard time, give him a glaucoma test by using your fingers to palpate his eyeballs.

Jona said...

I take he has some horrible disease which makes it impossible for him to be nice ;o) Actually - if you were evil enough - you could have some fun with this chap! Why not treat him especially nice next time he's in, and insist he sits whenever possible, while standing by and murmuring to your friends who can all turn and give him a sympathetic smile at every opportunity ;o?

Of course that is wicked and you would probably get into trouble.. but it's a fun thought for Mr. Grumpy!

rdl said...

a-law: there won't be a next time, but very good idea.
Jona: yea but like i told A-law there hopefully won't be a next time. We all have our "favorites".

Marewheeee said...

Yay Doctors against obnoxious patients. Good you didn't let him get to you. You showed him !!!

Lee said...

You can if you use Firefox on the Mac. For some reason Safari doesn't support something or other. Don't ask, don't know.

Jennifer said...

We let the orner think he's making the design decissions :D

You know do what he wants, but start tweaking things and giving them other schemes until the design we like (that WORKS best--we are architects after all and know what we're doing...that's why they hired us) is suddenly what they had in mind all along :D

Are we good or what.

Though I hear you on the 'annoy' customers/patients. Sometimes I think there are just people out there who live to make others miserable. If they can't be happy then neither can you.

Wenda said...

Then what? Change the date on those drafts so that they stay on top until you're done with them. After 300, you can still see the older posts you published via your archives. Forgive me if the question was rhetorical.

Miss Cellania said...

I never had a problem using html or composing on a mac on blogspot. Are you using a system earlier than OSX? I couldn't produce a blog at all when I was on OS9. And Safari wasn't that great... so I switched to Firefox.

You SHOULD be able to get 999 drafts on your drafts page.