Side Window


Remember the movie, Rear Window with Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart?

In my "computer room"/ den/guest bedroom (smallest and favorite room in the house it seems) there is a window to my right and occassionally i look out it at the green and the trees. I can see my neighbors house and since we put in a new window last year and i have yet to get around to painting it, there is no window treatment on it(window treatments - subject of a future post). occasionally i have wondered can they see me sitting here? do they think i am writing the next great american novel or that i am just another whacked out internet junkie(unfortunately, we all know the answer to that). So today when I glanced out the window I just now noticed that the trees and brush had filled in so that i can no longer see their house at all. Nature is a wonderful thing.


Patry Francis said...

I loved Rear Window! Glad you're not living in that film though.


Jona said...

My den/office is my favourite place too :o) Though also the messiest and darkest room in the house! Bet your neighbours were wondering what you thought of their habits before the trees grew ;o)

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, the only reason I let the tree in the back-yard go wild is because I need it to hide me too :)

Melly said...

sorry, the anon was me

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Not the first time we've used trees for window treatments.
Loved Rear Window.