Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday


World class shopper that I am, I am even tired of it already. I'm almost done though and I did save some $$, so I guess it was worth it. But like every year, I just can't wait til it's over. Speaking of over, five more days til Nablopomo is over! and not soon enough. Can't wait to go back to my slacker ways.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I haven't even started thinking about shopping. Congrats on getting it done!

Carol said...

Does that mean you are writing a novel or should I say almost completed one?

rdl said...

noelle - thanks, but who am i kidding, i shop til xmas eve.

carol - nope just thinking about it ( that's nanowrimo you're thinking of). nanoblopomo is for bloggers - you have to post daily for the month of Nov.