Haiku Wednesday



smoke rising above
red leaves falling to the ground
black dog by my side


Amishlaw said...


I like your haiku
I do not write poetry
I like to read it

ipanema said...

i love poetry but i have moods in writing.

that's a good one rdl.

rdl said...

A-Law - good one!
ipanema - i hear ya!!

Lorna said...

Haiku Wednesday is so much more sophisticated than Humpday.

rdl said...

Lorna- you are too funny!

Sky said...

lovely haiku, rdl. isn't fall wonderful?

read your post below...wondering what you do in the medical field.

rdl said...

sky- yes fall is nice(not as nice as spring & summer- but then much less work- cept for the leaves), just hate what follows ( so dark & so long!)
my yob: ophthalmic technician ( as the patients like to say," i do all the work and he gets all the $$".
Nice to see you back in the game. :D

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Yeah, I like haikus too.
Once upon a time there was a hilarious episode of South Park where they made up haikus that were..well, outrageous. They used to have them on the internet but I think they were pulled. HILARIOUS!