Meme oh meme


Oh G-d my blog is starting to look like a set of those days of the week underwear: Manic Monday, Existential Tuesday, Haiku Wednesday, Meme Thursday, Joke Friday, Photohunt Sat. and Weekend Update/Inspirational Sunday. What have I done??!!

Well thank goodness we are halfway there (to Nablopomo being over).

No meme for you today but a couple of cute blog tests - go take them and report back.

My Bloginality is ENTP!!!

Don't bother clicking on the above logo since I am hopeless at this html stuff and can't get it to work, here is the link to the blog readability test.


Carol said...

I am especially taken with "Existential Tuesday"

Carry on...

NoVA Dad said...

I tried this with my blog just now and got "College (Undergrad)." Don't know whether to be glad that it's written at a college level or insulted that it's not as high-brow as I thought;-)

Unknown said...

ugh I didn't even make it out of elementary school on my level. My kids did though one got college undergrad and the other got junior high go figure